Conquering Grace

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 1:3 ESV

This morning, I am so thankful for grace. It has become, the older I get, the air I breathe. In honor of his grace towards me, I want to encourage all those who are desperate for grace. The lonely, the broken, the rejected, the betrayed, the addicted, the lost the abused and even the abuser. Grace has room for us all.

Defining grace with one definition is a little like experiencing a diamond without light. Perhaps you will know what it is but you will not know it’s beauty. The full effect of grace can only be seen by the light of the Son and turning it, like you would a diamond, and seeing it from different angles and perspectives. When you do this, you begin to see grace in all its grandeur. 

Perfect grace first and foremost flows from Jesus—from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace is favor, power, love in action. Grace is God’s power at work. 

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 

John tells us that in Jesus we see God’s glory, his beauty. God’s beauty is manifest in truth and grace. Jesus is truth—the reality of what is really going on. And Jesus is God’s grace. Grace is not about transactions, debts and credits but about a person and the focus of his energies. Jesus is full of grace to you.

Perfect grace has you as its focus—Grace to you. 

Grace is relational, intimate, powerful and effective. Grace is welcoming a stranger into his home. Grace is taking on the burden of another. Grace is setting something right that he is not responsible for. Grace is the torrents of endless water that fuel a hydroelectric dam. Grace takes ugly, broken, shameful persons and situations, and is able, without effort, to restore all things. Grace is a person and he has you as the object of his grace.

Perfect grace is free

Grace makes no demands on the person receiving it. It has no requirements. It’s like winning the lottery, finding buried treasure or receiving a billion dollars from the death of an unknown relative. Grace is the love that propels a wife forgiving, forgetting and committing again to an adulterous husband. Grace is releasing the murderer of a loved one from your vengeance. Grace is paying the debt of a thief. Grace is adopting a parentless child and bringing her into your home as your child, your daughter. Grace is the sun rising every morning and doing it’s good without asking permission. Grace is taking a felon and giving him a home, a job and another chance after failing 15 times before. Grace is the riches of eternity given audaciously and with such liberality that the recipient knows that he did not pay for it. Grace is just given and the recipient receives all the benefits without cost or requirement. Grace is free.

Perfect grace is energy and authority for life

In Romans 5, Paul tells us we stand in grace. In Corinthians 15, Paul tells us he worked harder than anyone and it was grace that empowered him to do it. Grace is more like blood flowing in the body filling it with oxygen and nutrients than a mark in a ledger clearing your name. Grace is like sunlight to a flower. Grace is like a mother’s breast given to a hungry infant child. Grace makes life in Christ possible. Grace is for life.

Perfect grace forgives

We are saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8). This free eternal power of God is the means of setting us right. We mess up; we hurt people; we rebel; and we do what we shouldn’t do. In moments of clarity and horror, we realize that we have done things that we cannot fix and that we are guilty. Sin, mess, chaos, shadows, separation and death face us. We are powerless before them. Like a category 5 hurricane aimed at a small coastal house. There is no hope.But, He saves us. Sin becomes mercy. Mess becomes wholeness. Hurt becomes healing. Shadows become light. Separation becomes union. Death becomes life. He saves us. He gives grace and we become fully alive.

Grace is amazing. It is free. It is available-right-now for your life. Grace forgives and sets you right. And if you ever wonder what God is like, God is eternal, unchanging, unlimited, extravagant grace.

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