Pastor This is Your Moment: rise to the challenge of the Coronavirus

This is for pastors. It is meant as an encouragement during the Coronavirus outbreak. Maybe your pastor needs hope, send this to him or her. May this be used by the Spirit to light a fire of passion and faithfulness.

Pastor, this is your moment.

Most likely, this will be the hardest leadership challenge of your ministry life. I know it is for me. This is the question that echoes in my heart: will the virus reduce me to the fear and chaos that is all around me or, will I be a representative of Christ to my church and community?

I’m sure that you desire to be faithful. I want to help you. These words are written for you. I want you to know pastor, this is your moment.

First, do not be afraid. In my church and community we have doctors on the front line, business owners shutting down because of government mandates , people losing their retirement as the Dow plummets, families navigating forced homeschooling, people waiting for Coronavirus results and the rest who are just worried. It is quite possible that there will be people who get infected and sick. Some might die. While the world shakes, remember that you are His ambassador. Be still water. Find his peace and embody it for others. While others talk about calamity, you declare the promises of God. No matter what is being reported on CNN, you declare the goodness of God.

Pastor, this is your moment.

Second, if this lasts for an extended period of time, churches will suffer financially. Many churches will look very different when this crisis is over. Pastor, I know that the financial health of your church weighs on you. This fear can paralyze you to act defensively in ministry, trying to protect what you have. But you are too noble for that. Don’t worry about your organizational survival. You exhort your church to fully mobilize during this pandemic. Bless those affected by the virus financially. Feed the afflicted. Encourage your church to serve one another and the community. Offer online pastoral counseling. Serve your city. Add classes that can be streamed. On Sundays, preach your heart out; declare the gospel of Christ. Give hope to saints and offer salvation to sinners. This is Christ’s Church. He will be faithful to the church, to your church. Your work is to leave everything on the field.

Pastor, this is your moment.

Third, pastor be brave. Apart from legal mandate (I literally mean arrest) or sickness, you are the public face of Christ to the world. One must use common sense and defer to the wisdom of the medical community but you are an essential part of society. While medical doctors serve the body, you serve the soul. If a person or family is in need of care, guidance or presence, you give it. We do not want to be an agent of disease but we won’t be stopped by fear. We won’t be stupid but if Christ takes our lives as we serve him, it’s not a bad way to die. We will not be cowards who leave the afflicted and afraid to fend for themselves. Our safety and comfort is given over to God’s care. Pastor, we fear Christ more than this virus.

Pastor, this is your moment.

Finally dear pastor, don’t misread the times. Social media and online platforms give you access to the world. I believe in the depths of my heart that revival is here. A lukewarm church and secular society face a crisis that can’t be fixed by pills, platitudes and money. Life and death weigh in the balance. People are listening. Let them know that the kingdom of God is here.

Dear pastor, it’s been a long time since the world knew how important you are. In the days to come, this forgotten knowledge will be known again. Don’t be afraid, run hard after Christ and encourage your church and community to follow.

Pastor, this is your moment.

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  1. Roll on big guy….. your lights are shining on high beams. But don’t forget to get some rest too. Don’t burn out the bulbs.

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