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Starting next week, I’ll be teaching a Class in the “Divine Conspiracy” by Dallas Willard. The goal of this class is to gain Jesus a fresh hearing. Over the last fifty years, he has been marginalized to either mythology or the hereafter. Dallas Willard writes,

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Very few people today find Jesus interesting as a person or of vital relevance to the course of their actual lives. He is not generally regarded as a real-life personality who deals with real-life issues but is thought to be concerned with some feathery realm other than the one we must deal with, and must deal with now.

Even the church—the community who claims Jesus as master—has sought to repackage him to make him relevant to a modern audience. It seems, Jesus is in danger of falling into obscurity. To save him, the gospel has been reduced to make it more palatable to a distracted and independent world: Jesus forgives sin so you can go to heaven when you die. You are encouraged to be a Christian—go to church, read the Bible, pray, be kind to others and serve— but it is not necessary. In fact, many times there is no clear reason to do these activities at all except because we are supposed to. Today’s Christianity is so fragmented in teaching, life and practice that it is no longer functioning as Jesus intends. The results are clear for all to see: Christians who on a whole do not look like the people of light envisioned in the New Testament.

This need not be the case. The New Testament shares a vision of life that is filled with transformation, freedom, hope, power, meaning and joy. It is a life enveloped by Trinitarian Love to such a degree that it pours out of his disciples to all those around them. It is a life where we become like Him. For too long this kind of Christianity has seemed possible for only a select few while the rest of us just hold on for dear life.

Thankfully, the good news of Jesus is good news for all of us.

Right now, the riches of Jesus’s Father’s kingdom is available to you. Right now, you can experience the eternal kind of life. Right now, Jesus doesn’t want to get you into heaven so much as he wants to get heaven into you. Right now, He wants to show you another way of living life; one where you can really expect God to act on your behalf while you rest in his goodness.

He is ready to teach all who are interested in his way of life. All we must be willing to do is listen.

Join pastor Ron for six weeks as we take his master class and enter into the divine conspiracy.

This class will meet online. Each week there will be a 60 minute teaching and then there will be a 30 minute question and answer on FB Live.

Registrants will receive notes and additional information that will help you follow the material of the class.

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