Never Stop Talking with God

In Luke 6:12-16, Jesus has to make the most significant leadership decision of his life: who will be entrusted with his message. Before he makes it, he prays all night. The next day he chooses his 12. His time with God enables him to make choices that seem crazy.

The 12 are quite a group. None are religiously educated. None are important. One would betray Jesus to his death. One would publicly deny him. The rest, except for one, would flee when things got hard. Yet, after betrayal, denial, fleeing and death, the 11 left would change the world.

These 11 and the Christian-persecutor Paul are the most influential men in human history after Jesus.

No one would choose this team to change human history except God. Only God could take a ragtag group of misfits who seem to have a penchant to get things wrong and change the world.

It is among the misfits, mess-ups and nobodies that God does his finest work. Yet, no human leader except Jesus would ever be so bold to choose such a group to change the world. Human leaders look for skill, success and competency. We choose winners.

This is why we pray. God has eternal, world-changing plans in mind. We will never see the opportunity in front of us, nor be brave enough to choose his way unless we are immersed in the upside-down kingdom.

So Christian, pray and get ready to make crazy, mind-boggling choices. God has big things in store.

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