Don’t Worry! A Psalm 23 Devotional

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

The primary character of Psalm 23 is YHWH. The creator of the cosmos, the caller of Abraham, the one who wrestled with Jacob and the one who delivered Israel. YHWH came to earth, a babe. He lived, and he was killed. He defeated death. He is the shepherd.

Shepherds spent extended periods with their sheep. They protected the sheep from predators, ensuring they had food to eat. The bond between shepherd and sheep was such that the sheep would respond to the shepherd like a beloved dog to his kind owner. He is your shepherd.

He’s with you. He’s protecting you and making sure you have what you need. Some predators would destroy you, but you’re not even aware because he has defeated them. He has endangered himself for you. He speaks—the singer of creation’s song—over you today: “all is well.” He sings over you songs that comfort, console and heal. You do not need to worry anymore. He will take care of you.

The shepherd has made it his work to take care of you. He knows all your needs. Don’t you see; he can be trusted with everything. When sheep are cared for, they aren’t nervous; they are at ease.

Know that you are cared for. There is nothing to be worried about because he’s taking care of it. So today, be at ease. The shepherd is speaking: “all is well”.


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