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  • The Accessible God

    The Accessible God

    Racists, gays, atheists, pagans, convicts, Muslims and the wrongly religious are all welcome without precondition to draw near and encounter God in Christ. It is true, all are welcome.

  • The Messy God of Failed Plans—Opening Up Christmas

    The Messy God of Failed Plans—Opening Up Christmas

    This is part of a devotional series preparing us to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Read part one here. Jesus was born in a manger. Remember, his life reveals who God is. Jesus is the key to understand God fully. Through Jesus, Christmas opens up. Today, let’s consider the manger of Jesus. The manger reveals […]

  • Opening Up Christmas

    Opening Up Christmas

    In my undergrad studies, I was an English literature major. Our primary work was to read texts and analyze them. Setting aside the emergence of post-modern criticism, the primary work of the analysis is to understand the author’s point in writing the book. Texts are written in a culture, language, context and for an audience […]

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